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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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next at 11..he was taken as a prisoner of war... and ki lled. and tonight his father talks to the man who stands a chance at being our next president. the tough questions donald trump answers... as the battle for ohio draws let the madness begin.when and where your favorite teams will play in the big dance... when nine on your side starts in 60
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it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe. a message from tide now at 11...donald trump on the stump in brand new poll numbers show he is six points behind governor john kasich in the buckeye state!trump at the very least makes good with a well known tri-state man whose son was killed as a prisoner of war. (maupin) i know what you were doing. (trump) you know exactly what i was doing. (trump) but they are heroes just so you know you understand...and real heroes
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nine on your side's t-j parker talks with keith maupin about his long-awaited conversation with donald trump.he's live outside the yellow ribbon support center with trump's message for p-o-w's...t-j? keith- who our community knows well as the founder of the yellow ribbon support center- an organization in honor of his son- told me he went to today's rally because he needed to clarify something with trump that was heavy on his heart. keith: "1:52 tell me matt ain't a hero no, we're going to have a problem" keith maupin- never had intentions to get involved at a political rally.. until he wanted to get something straight with g-o-p front runner, donald trump. keith: "00:35 i said you know i want to ask you about a comment that you made a while back that prisoners of war weren't really heroes and that you really didn't like captured soldiers i said i'd like you to clarify that for me and he did it was nearly 12 years ago keith's son,
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taken captive in iraqa prisoner of war who was later killed. keith: "1:41 that hit home for me and i wanted to ask him about it i'd never thought i'd get a chance to but i did" at the rally//woman introducing keith: "11:47 mr. keith maupin, keith stand up (cheers)" keith got his opportunityand says he got the clarification he was looking for. trump: "12:58 they are heroes just so you understand they are real heroes" keith: "4:09 i needed to be right exactly where i was today and i have to tell you when i asked him that question, he come off the stage and come over to me and i thought that was pretty good" keith: "5:03 he was pretty honest straight forward with me" on whether he'll cast his vote for trump- he say's he's thinking about it just satisfied he got to ask his question. keith: "3:33 i couldn't stand still and let that go by you can really tell this was an important moment for keith and a lot of people who remember matt- just ahead of a big scholarship announcement in honor of matt- coming up next month. we have that
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information on our website - wcpo.comreporting live, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. knowing his audience, trump talked about his time working in cincinnati when he was a young man still in college. college. it.">trump also talked about pete rose today...saying the magic words to draw cheers. (cheers)">that was apparently a hit with the hit king. a couple hours later trump tweeted out a picture he says rose sent you see's a signed baseball asking trump to make america great again.
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today's rally drew some anti-trump protesters.but none like we saw in chicago friday night...a couple of people holding bernie sanders signs were thrown out after being disruptive. after coming out against donald trump, mitt romney is on his way to ohio to help governor john kasich.he will be at two stops in the northern part of the state tomorrow. tomorrow.if the ohio primary was held today... new polls suggest that john kasich would win.trump comes in second at 33 percent.ted cruz in third at 19 percent.and marco rubio at six percent. kasich has said all along that he will only stay in the race if he wins ohio.if trump wins both ohio and florida on tuesday... he secures enough delegates to gain the republican party's nomination. tonight - democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head to head in columbus. columbus.the rivals discussed issues in a town hall style debate on ohio state's campus. both were quick to take stabs at donald trump as well as
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each other.and while sanders remains behind in some of the polls... he says he has a plan for turning that around - and winning the buckeye on tuesday. ohio.">the issue of race and discrimination in the justice system was brought up.hillary clinton made her case for her plans to solve those issues president. not.">clinton leads in the latest wall street journal poll for ohio.she's up 58
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the ohio primary is this tuesday.and nine on your side and wcpo dot com have complete coverage leading up to and the day of the primary.look for extended coverage all day both on air and on line. new at 11.a man dies in a shooting in avondale.police say 21-year-old "trazone mahaffey" was shot around six o-clock tonight inside a car at the gas station near the corner of burnet and northern avenues.there have not been any arrests. arrests. if you have any information that can help police, call crime stoppers. the number - don't have to give your name and you can earn cash for clues if your tip leads to an arrest. what will it be like to start your week?! week?!9 first warning meteorologist sherry hughes is
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the bracket is out.and some local teams are getting ready for the big dance.sports
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who faces who as the madness begins! xavier, uc, indiana, kentucky and the dayton flyers are all solidly in the field of 68. each will play first round week. both xavier and uc did better with their seeding than expected. xavier, thought to be out of the running for a number two seed after going out in the opening round of the big east conference tournament, gets that number two and will play weber state in round one of the ncaa tournament. that game will be in st. louis.the bearcats, thought to be on the bubble most of the last month, are a nine seed. they'll open the tournament friday night against nine seed st. joe's in a very late start out in spokane. if uc wins that game, it will have to face the number one seed in the west: oregon. here are match ups and game times for all of our local teams...kentucky and indiana lead it off on thursday night in des moines. iu has the early game. late game times are approximates. if those
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two teams win, they'll meet in the the round of 32friday, xavier and uc both playy night games and both will be the late tip offs at their venues. the only local team that has an early tip in the opening round is dayton. the flyers' have the first game on friday, at 12-15. we're on the roadwith both xavier and uc....john popovich is heading to st. louis to cover the musketeers. keenan singleton is off to spokane to cover the bearcats. we'll have reaction from both teams coming up in sports....and tonight, on sports of all sorts, former uc standout terry nelson and former xavier legend, steve wolf join me to analyze the tournament on meijer, sports of all sorts, julie tonight - people living in a clifton apartment building want the city to do a thorough inspection of their building after a balcony...with no one on it... came crashing down late this afternoon. take a look at this video.the apartment is near the corner of ludlow and middleton
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is nobody was standing on the balcony when it collapsed. we spoke to a couple of the building's residents about what they witnessed. tabitha schmeh//resident35:19 it's something you don't see every you know you don't expect it to happen and then when it does it's just crazy dane ritzy//resident39:23 it's freaky, i hope they inspect the building and i hope that we're not under any threat we are told one of the ladies who lives there had just stepped inside her apartment. next at 11...dealing with telemarketers. .still to come ...consumer reporter john matarese explains one thing you should never do...if you don't want to get flooded with calls. and...taking the stand...who's up next in the trial involving a sex tape of former pro wrestler hulk hogan.
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at 11 the snowmobiler accused of hitting and killing a sled dog - competing in alaska's iditarod is in jail tonight. tonight.his snowmobile hit two teams during the one thousand mile race from anchorage to nome.the man said he was quote "blackout drunk" when he confessed to hitting the dog over the weekend.he says he turned himself in after waking up and realizing what happened. at least 30 people are dead after an explosion rocks the turkish capital of ankara. ankara.75 more people are hurt. the belief is that someone set off a car bomb near a bus stop in the city's main square. today's blast comes three weeks after a similar bombing carried out by a kurdish militant group. in the morning - the former gawker editor who posted hulk hogan's sex tape on the internet will take the stand. hogan is suing that man as well as gawker for 100 million dollars in damages for the 20-12 tape.the former pro-wrestler himself took the stand last week as his
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attorneys tried proving that gawker is shameless and reckless.we'll keep you updated. an important warning tonight for the next time a telemarketer calls.consumer reporter john matarese shares the one thing you never want to do *if* you pick up the phone... so you don't waste your money! when the phone rings, and it's an automated call youre not expecting, do you know what to do?here's what you should not do: follow the prompts and press 1, 2, or any number they tell you to.---------------so the phone rings...and yup, another automated telemarkeitng call!blah blah've won a trip...or can lower your credit card rate.then they tell you to press "1," "2," or "0" to speak with an operator, or press "6" to be removed from their calling list.but don't do it!the website consumerist says by pushing any button you are letting the caller know you are a real live person. you're almost guaranteed to get more, not fewer calls,
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after that!----------------2 secs separator-------------- and from the doesnt that stink file....what can happen when you push a button in reponse to a robocall.the caller then puts your number on a list of live and potential future customers.some will even sell that list to other telemarketers.doesn't that stink?consumerist says if you get an unwanted robocall, hang up as soon as possible.if you capture the number on your caller id, you can report it to the ftc or the do not call list. my advice: don't let a robocaller know you are a real live person.dont answer it....or if you do, just hang up.that way you dont waste your money. today's wet weather didn't stop the thousands of runners who hit the pavement to raise awareness for heart health this was the annual heart mini marathon.but it wasn't just a half marathon that brought out runners... and walkers!there was also a 15-k, a 5-k, a 1k, and a kids fun run... all benefitting the
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nearly three million dollars
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coming up next in sports. ken broo has reaction from both uc and xavier as both of those teams head west to begin the chase for the ncaa championship.....sports is
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from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, and let's invest in clean energy with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. the field is set. and there is plenty of good news to go around for all of our local teams. xavier has earned a second seed. that was thought to be in jeopardy after the musketeers early exit from the big east conference tournament. but they're in as a 'number two'. and almost
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as good, if you're a xavier fan, you can drive to see them play. they'll play in st. louis and open the tournament late friday night agasint weber state. and they'll play in st. louis. if xavier makes it out of that city, there's a potentional sweet 16 match up against west virginia, coached by you know who.chris mack after his found out his team's destination....and opponent. trt : long as we can.((chris mack: you are defined by how you play in march in the tournament. it won't take away the feeling i have of coaching this group. thing rooling as long as we can. )) and the bearcats are in, solidly as it turns out. they're a nine seed. as late as this afternoon, espn had the bearcats teetering as an eleven seed. but they'll head west, to spokane to play st. joe's in a late night, friday night game. trt :20outcue:...of the backboard goes((mick cronin:
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as soon as they said we're in, i said "when?" friday is great. gary is smiling, really a lot of guys in there are smiling.octavius ellis:after all the losses we know exactly what it takes to win. we can't stop until the redlight on the top of the backboard goes. )) and if they beat st. joe's, it will lead to a round of 32 match up against oregon, the top seeed in the west. here's the rest of the bracket the bearcats will operate in. oklahoma and duke are also in that side of the bracket. kentucky heads to the tournament as the sec tournament champ. against texax a&m today and alex caruso john calipari was trying to remain calm.but how could he here. up one, final seconds. the aggies danuel house, tied at had one final shot to win this game in regulation. tyler ulis will take it. but it will not fall. and we're heading to overtime..ulis, terrific. he had 30-points. now in ot...tied at 75, watch derek willis from the corner, this put the wildcats up
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three. willis with ten off the uk bench today.and then, jamal murray, who only hit three of ten from outside the arc, nails this.and kentucky is in the ncaa tournament as the sec tournament champ, 82-77 is the final. kentucky is in as a four seed and thursday in des moines will play stony brook. indiana is a five seed and will play chattanooga in des moines. and if indiana and kentucky both win their opening round games, they will meet in the round of 32dayton will play in st. louis, along with xavier on friday. the flyers open with ten seed syracuse. if ud wins that game, the it advances to play the winner of three seed utah and 14th seeded fresno state. four strong innings of pitching for anthony desclafani. four innings and two runs today against the mariners. and after the reds 5-3 win, bryan price hinted again that desclafani will be the reds opening day starting pitcher. the sprint cars, on the track in phoenix today. and kyle busch led most of this race. but he didn't win it.nor did
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brad keselowski. coming out of turn number two, keslelowski blows a tire. i hate it when that happensso does kasey kahne. how had a tire go down in turn four, which led to a late race lap of the race. kevin harvick has the lead. but here comes carl edwards. fighting down the stretch. bumping, grinding, gearing down in what turns out to be a photo finish. it's also the closes finish in phoenix international raceway history. it's harvick by a nose over edwards.denny hamlin finished thirrd, kyle busch four, junior fifth the valspar championship trophy. that was on the line today in florida...latest stop on the pga tour. and charl schwartzel, was a wizard with a wand.....his putter didn't fail him today. a 65-foot birdie putt on number 13 that winds up going right down the drain pipebill haas was at seven under on the 18th green. if he sinks this, he wins. but, he then fell back into a tie for the lead with it was back to the 18th tee to begin a
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off the tee....but it winds up going way right. haas bogeyed the hole.schwartzel simply taps in for a par and
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that's 9 on
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your side at 11 for this sunday!we're always on with breaking news and weather
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there was little drama about the xavier musketeers. they were 'in' the tournament, as mortal a lock as there could have been. the only question was: at what seed. tonight, on meijer sports of all sorts, we'll talk about their luck and now, their challenge.the university of cincinnati bearcats were on the bubbel for most of the last month. the bubble could have burst. but tonight, the bearcats are getting ready to head west.and after winning the sec tournament today, can the kentucky wildcats now be poised for another trip to the final four? helping us break it all down tonight, from the cbs sports network and former xavier musketeer, part of cincinnati's first family of basketball, steve wolf. and back with us tonight, the former shutdown defender from


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